Understanding the Parental Role When Organising Educational Visits

If you are a teacher charged with organizing educational visits, it is part of your duty to keep parents involved in the process. For many young people this may be their first time away from home, so parents will naturally be anxious. It is hugely important that all the information about the trip is transparent and that it strictly adheres to guidelines. If you employ the services of a specialized school travel company, you can rest assured all this information will be at your fingertips.

How to Involve Parents

The Department of Further Education provides universal forms for everyday school excursions, such as swimming lessons, and these are very useful in this respect. However parents must still be informed when children will be out of school and where exactly they will be. For educational visits further afield this, naturally, becomes even more important. Parental consent must be complete and in writing and they need also to be informed about the insurance cover in place, so that they can be confident their child’s safety is a priority.


Before agreeing to any educational visits, parents will want to know the purpose of the trip and the didactic benefits to their child. They must be aware of the length of the trip and any locations visited. They must be provided a detailed itinerary that includes all of the excursions on the trip and any extra activities that may be undertaken.


It is a good idea to inform parents early in the process about the members of staff or guardians that are going along to help supervise on the educational visits. Correct pupil to teacher ratio must be strictly adhered to. Often, a meeting is held prior to departure so that parents can meet all the staff and volunteers accompanying the trip and raise any concerns they may have.

Finer details

Travel arrangements and accommodation details must be made very clear to parents, and you will need to provide evidence that quality and safety checks have been carried out according to guidelines. Once again, using a specialized and reputable school travel service will mean all these details are taken care of. Parents should also be informed what the child is expected to take on the trip in terms of clothing and extra equipment; it is useful to draw up a checklist that pupils can take home and use as a guide for packing. Parents should also be advised how much money students will need for the duration of the trip.


Finally, and most importantly, ensure that all contacts, insurance details and e

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